Our programs would not be possible without the hard work of our local volunteers and your continued support.

Our Committee 

Our committee of volunteers from Tanzania and the UK meets online monthly to assess and review projects, with many subcommittees for various aspects of our work and a huge amount additional dialogue between meetings.  Potential applicants are advised to contact their Local Rep to discuss an application before submitting it.  Their contact details are linked to their profiles, below.

Meet the Committee

Ahia Ntamubano

Ngara, Kagera Represetative

Ahia Ntamubano is the Executive Secretary of Kagera People Centred Development Foundation (KAPECEDEFO). He holds Advanced Diploma in Economic Planning from the then Institute of Development Management - Mzumbe , Morogoro and Diploma in Development Leadership from Coady International Institute of St. Francis Xavier University -Canada. He has working experience of over forty years in projects planning and management. Contacts: +255784509501/ +255757233988.

Aikande Clement Kwayu


Aikande Clement Kwayu is a senior development and research consultant at BUMACO Limited in Tanzania. She is also an honorary research fellow at the Department of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her consultancy and research work focuses on the role of different actors in development. She has recently published a book titled "Religion and British International Development Policy" in which she analyses how the British government engages faith groups in formulating and implementing international development policies. For more of her work please see her website.

Alpha Ngailla

Muleba, Kagera Representative

Alpha Ngailla is a teacher at Ikondo secondary school in Muleba district. He has a Bachelor degree of arts with education, major in History. Phone: +255784535300

Anselmo Kapandila

Rukwa Representative

Anselmo Kapandila has served as District Health Officer in Nkasi District - Rukwa region since 1995 and is a member of Tanzania Rural Revival which empowers local people by supporting their development priorities. He is also a founder of ANSADE FOUNDATION which provides education, care and support to children in need and empowers women to meet the needs and rights of these groups in the community.

Benedict Carshia

Dodoma Rural Representative

Benedict Carshia is experienced in Leadership, Strategic Management and Project Consultancy. Currently he is working with various institutions and companies in Project management, Research and Consultancy in Dodoma, Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Mbeya and Lake Regions. Phone: +255 754 538853

Benedicto Hosea

Kigoma Rural Representative

Benedicto has lived in Zeze village near Kasulu, Kigoma all his life. He has a degree in Environmental Planning and Management, and a strong passion for agriculture – especially in rural development and as a route out of poverty. He set up Mboni ya Vijana to do this. In 2018 BTS sponsored him to speak at their AGM, and at the UK Parliament. Phone: +255 753 284 727

Bertha Andrew

Muleba Representative

Bertha is CEO at Kagera Women Environmental Society (KAWESO). Phone: +255 765 972 929

Brian Medcalf


Following a career in Pharmaceutical Project Management, Brian worked in management of an alcohol counselling agency. After periods of volunteering in Southern Kenya, he, with his wife Aleen, was based in the Dodoma region of Central Tanzania, assisting with sponsorship projects and school management, from 2011-2015. He continues to support this work from the UK.

Catherine O'Farrell

Digital Manager

Catherine studied Psychology and Philosophy, and received an MSc in Psychology. Having always been interested in people and different cultures, she wanting to work with people from across the world to make a difference. She continues to work with people in social and clinical settings, as well as academia. As someone who never grew out of asking “why”, she is dedicated to not only understanding our world, but also in taking action to create meaningful change.

Dan Hutchinson

Project Officer

Dan studied South East Asian Studies and Environmental Policy and Management before going into a career in magazine and online publishing. Dan has recently returned to his core interest in international development and has been working with TDT and Tusk in East Africa. Alongside managing projects, Dan is committed to using his editorial skills and publishing background to raise awareness and help with fundraising.

Danny Mwasandube


Danny was born in Mbeya region, but much of his professional career was in the UK as a quantity surveyor, and in housing management. After a stint as Treasurer of TDT in the UK, Danny now heads a team of surveyors in Dar es Salaam, but remains closely involved with TDT and other national charities.

David Gibbons

Project Officer & Trustee

David lived in Tanzania as a child. He is a teacher in the UK, and helped coordinate and support a school link and exchange with Shambalai secondary school, Lushoto.

Elizabeth Taylor

Chair of BTS & Trustee

After a career in the IT industry in the UK, Elizabeth first went to Tanzania in 2004 to be IT consultant to the Anglican Church of Tanzania , then moved to the new Anglican St John's University of Tanzania in 2007 to head IT, returning to the UK in 2011. She has been a member of BTS since 2011 and was secretary of both BTS and TDT until the 2017 AGM.

Evelyn Leonard

Kigoma Urban Representative

Evelyn studied Organisation and Management for her BA degree. She worked for Barclays Bank and the British Council before taking up her current position as Director of the Kigoma NGO, Hope for the Community. Phone: +255 754 656274

Ezekiel Kassanga

Simiyu Representative

Ezekiel is the founder and Executive Director of Kawiye Social Development Foundation, and is a Bachelor of Arts and Education. Ezekiel’s organisation offers microfinance and training to build skills and capacity of marginalised people. Phone: +255 769 590 731

Godfrey Makenzi

Mtwara Representative

Godfrey holds a Bachelor Degree in Regional Development Planning from the Institute of Rural Development Planning, Dodoma. He works as civil servant at Masasi District Council. He has a passion for helping communities and the rural poor, and helps grass-root CBOs and NGOs to write project proposals.

Ian Powell

Project Officer

Ian did VSO in Tanzania from 1974 to 1976, teaching Chemistry and Maths. When he returned to the UK, Ian founded a charity which did education and crime prevention work, before moving on to work for a number of other not for profit organisations.

Janet Chapman

Chair of Trustees & Project Officer

After 30 years in education, Janet has been visiting Tanzania every year since 2014 to help assess projects and work with our partners. Realising that a lack of maps hampered their work she started the mapping project Crowd2Map in 2015. She chairs the committee supporting FGM charity Hope, run by our local rep Rhobi Samwelly.

Jonathan Pace

Project Officer

Following a career in Music Education and School Management, Jonathan worked in Namibia as a VSO volunteer with the Ministry of Education. He joined TDT as a Project Officer in 2010.

Linus Buriani

Lindi and Mtwara Representative

Linus Buriani, is the Rector of St Cyprian's Theological college and Junior Seminary in Masasi He has a Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies from graduate from University of Dodoma and a Masters of Social Work from the Open University of Tanzania. He has been working with TDT for 7 years in Lindi and Mtwara Region. Phone: +255 685 844 183

Mohamed Arab


Mohamed was born in Lindi, and has worked in the UK as a compliance officer and looked after a portfolio of properties. He is also qualified as a Gas and Electric Engineer and is an MD for a company dealing in export/import of commodities. He has been fundraising for and implementing water wells in Tanzania.

Nathan Wilson


Nat studied International Development at the University of Leeds before completing a Master’s in International and European Human Rights law. He currently also works as an SEN learning support practitioner, supporting young people with complex needs based in the UK, as well as having previous teaching experience in East Africa. Since joining TDT he has supported our ongoing fundraising strategy and partnership building.

Peter Kenworthy

Website Manager

Peter worked in Tanzania with his family, managing a fish farming development project based near Dodoma for 9 years. He now runs his own company with a focus on implementing people management systems. Peter joined TDT in 2019.

Phil Grant

Project Officer

Phil has been involved with overseas development for 40 years. In Tanzania he has been an agricultural extension officer, manager of a farmers’ training centre, and has also worked with Maasai people in capacity building. He was also a VSO trainer in the UK for many years.

Ramson Lucas

Lindi Representative

Ramson Lucas studied a degree of Community Economic Development and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in International Cooperation and Development at the Open University of Tanzania. He is also Project Manager for a development project in Lindi schools for an NGO called Sports Development Aid which has been using Sports as a tool for development since 2011. Phone: +255 716 829 596

Rachel Monger

Project Officer

Rachel and her family lived in Tanzania for 10 years, volunteering with Emmanuel International. In Iringa and Mwanza she was involved in establishing community development projects working with local groups making fuel-efficient stoves, training in conservation agriculture and tree planting, beekeeping and women's income generating projects. She joined TDT early 2021 after moving back to the UK.

Rhobi Samwelly

Mara Representative

Rhobi is an FGM survivor and activist and the founder of Hope for Girls and Women Tanzania. In 2018 she was invited to speak about her work at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, and organise an event showcasing how mapping can help protect girls from FGM by UNFPA. Phone: +255 756 600 806

Robert Kasaaju

Kagera North (Bukoba) Representative

Robert is Headteacher at Tunamkumbuka Secondary School and has a bachelor degree of art with education. He is passionate about supporting his community. Phone: +255 784 464 021

Sally Ross

Project Officer

Currently based in the UK, Sally has spent the last 30 years living and working in southern and Eastern Africa. A biologist by training her career has revolved around rural development and agri-business. From 2012 to 2019 she lived in Lindi, Tanzania where she managed the Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning for the Aga Khan Foundation's agricultural, education, health and savings projects across the country. She joined TDT in December 2020.

Sheila Farrell


Sheila is a transport economist who has undertaken many assignments in Tanzania over the years. Her main areas of expertise are in business planning and finance. She has a strong interest in economic development strategies for poorer countries, and is fully committed to the eradication of poverty.

Steve Scorer

Project Officer

A career in teaching in UK, France and Spain was followed by retirement and travel. Steve then stumbled across VSO at the Adventure Travel show and signed up for a short posting in Lindi, south east Tanzania in 2014, which ended up being for 3 years. Steve joined the TDT team in early 2019 when he facilitated the completion of the Angaza school basketball court.

Willhard Titus

Singida Representative

Wilhard has a Bachelor degree of Education in Economics from University of Dodoma. Now Wilhard works as business studies teacher in Manyoni district. He is also co-founder of Mbalamwezi Organisation, a charity that supports male teenagers from rural areas in Singida region. Phone: +255 758 080 963

William Shayo

Shinyanga Representative

William studied for a BA in Mass Communication before joining the Tanzania Red Cross Society for over six years. He lives in Shinyanga, and is currently executive director of the Organization of People Empowerment, overseeing various community projects. Phone: +255 752 112 080